The fights of Roosters in Bali ( Indonesia )

Cockfighting in Bali

Cocks here and there cocks, There is a real fever avian island. They dream of cocks happy.

Cockfighting in Bali

Many are those who bred fighting cocks to make them fight or for simple pleasure of bring them up and educate them in the fight, Although not all are suitable for this activity.


Cockfighting in Bali

I decided to venture that day, aimlessly fixed, in search of the daily chores of life of Bali with a rented motorcycle style, and I found it.
I got lost on the roads and villages, It is very difficult to know when it starts and ends each of them since they have a habit of always building beside the road, I gave the feeling of that cities never ended.



In one of my meetings I met one person with a few cages for roosters, his grandson made us translator. In a moment we organize a visit to a cock with immediate departure fight. He climbed on the bike and guided me to what seemed to be a casino to open totally rock, with completely illegal betting, of course. Among the offered bets were Cockfighting. Needless to say that in the same place you could cut hair outdoors or eat roast chicken. If I didn't head a hundred times the idea that was going to get the flu avian is I didn't take any.


Cockfighting in Bali

Although the people are interested in tourists and dan conversation without asking anything in return does not become for anything heavy, Bali is a very relaxed.


Cockfighting in Bali

A circle, as a Bullring, the public crowded to see clashes, It was difficult to find a niche. I wanted to bet to try my fortune, but to get my ticket, to change were 5 EUR, they cast to laugh, the minimum bet were 10. They are strong and go everywhere.



Bind to the roosters a razor in one or both legs so that the clashes are not endless, Although they become cruel, at the roosters best loser is lame.

When my traveling companion was completed with all their money I brought it home and invited me to his house to take a few coconuts, I wanted that it would be me and present me with his family... You can see all the images to full screen in the section of Photographs.


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